Forbes answers the question will states seek bankruptcy because of pensions

What legal protection (contract rights) do you have from the PFM proposals ??

PFM, pension consultant, recommendations for saving KY public pensions with introduction by State Budget Director John Chilton.

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​The Economist on why public sector funds take more risk

​This is good explanation of how public pensions are investing.

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy (KCEP) has made an assessment of the harsh financial impact of PFM's proposals. Click below to review their findings.  

Media coverage of PFM presentation on August 28th, 2017


Kentucky Public Retirees explain sources of underfunding for KY's various pension plans

  Contact your elected officials to express your concerns

KET's  Kentucky Tonight with Renee Shaw covers PFM pension reforms with KY senators and                       representatives. Original air date September 11th, 2017.