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The KRS Board of Trustees has lowered the assumed rate of return for KERS nh & SPRS  investments to 5.25% and KERS-nh funding has dropped to 13.6% & SPRS to 27%.  For explanation of assumed rates of return go to The Problem section.  The assumed rate of return for CERS has been changed to 6.25%, although earning just 5% in the past 10 years. The higher the assumed rate of return the greater the possibility a pension fund is understating the fund's liabilities. Too low an assumed rate magnifies problem to major crisis by overstating liabilities. CERS-haz is now only 48.1% funded and CERS-nh is only 52.8% funded due to the ROR changes.

WHY are public pensions in the United States in such a mess ?? Many reason lead to the serious under funding of pensions. Yahoo Finance provides an excellent analysis of one reason public pensions have under performed. This also helps explain the City of Fort Wright legal action found in the LEGAL section of this website. As well as the KKR action listed below.   

​On the Retirement Road in Kentucky

You have worked hard for many years as a public employee for the Commonwealth, county or city that you served. Perhaps you chose a public safety career with numerous hazards and difficult hours. Maybe you're the surviving spouse of an employee who has given the ultimate measure of service to his/her community. Whatever your status, you have contributed to the welfare of your service population. In return for your service, you expect to receive the Kentucky Retirement Systems pension you were told about in the job interview. You sacrificed salary for the security of a public pension. Devoting your full attention to your job and family, you have paid little attention to the status of funding of your specific pension. Then nearing retirement or upon hearing the pension Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) has been frozen, you pass a road sign you have passed so often. The sign is not how you remember it was when you passed it last. What are these strange numbers?  How will they influence your travels on the road through retirement?​​

Kentucky Public Retirees site provides explanation how plans became underfunded

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Other pension law suit update from LEX Herald-Leader.

Funded status as of  June 30, 2014                                                                     Funded status as of  June 30, 2017

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UPDATE : Gov. Bevin files appeal to ruling which invalidated SB 151. KY Supreme Court agrees to expedited hearing on September 20, 2018. It is unknown if ruling would be rendered before November election.

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​KRS releases 2017 Comprehensive Annual Report also releases 2017 Actuarial Valuation of plans' liabilities.